Pretty night sky

Pretty night sky



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i smudged it and messed up the tagging bit but THATS PART OF THe FUN RIGHT RIG HT thanks to bobacrossing and starlitecrossing for tagging me

i tag elsetales nueskacrossing jacobsladders newish-leaf animalcrossingpls mewacnl floatingpresents and anyone who hasn’t done it yet (and wants to duh) wahoo 

oh my god i was bidding on ebay and this person jumped in 10 seconds before it ended and outbid me so i panicked and spammed the bid button and won with 1 second left TAKE THAT ANONYMOUS BIDDER

jacobsladders replied to your photo

have u got the things that edit your town and villagers??

noooo not yet but thats #1 priority after i’m done slaving away for nook

Kazumi Totaka, Toru Minegishi - K.K. Jazz
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